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SPOGA HORSE 2018 September

SPOGA HORSE 2018 September

Hírek 05.09.2018
This September we attended at Spoga Horse again, where we introduced our brand new FW 18/19 collection which had a huge success.
Fashion, Style, Glamour - Trunkshows in Cavalliera-style
In April-May we hit the road and held our first Trunkshows in cooperation with three of our German partners in Leipzig, Berlin and Traunstein.
Cavalliera Founder Story - Meet Viktoria
The owner of a company is the foundation for the whole organization’s spirit, products and team. She is the person driving Cavalliera’s values and culture. If you want to know more about our brand, meet Viktoria first.
Horse Show Life in the USA

Horse Show Life in the USA

Hírek 25.07.2016
Cavalliera is branching over to the USA, It is Andrea’s (our US Representative) responsibility to find the best retail environment for Cavalliera. We are looking for retailers that support the riders purchase with knowledge, respect and service.
Katie’s  little daughter

Katie’s little daughter

Hírek 25.07.2016
Katie Cook’s little 4 year old daughter is becoming really famous on instagram (Find her under @thelastnoonicorn) . No wonder, she is adorable and rides pretty good already.
Look who featured Cavalliera in the USA?!
The Plaid Horse – America’s Premiere Horse Show Magazine featured Cavalliera in their Holiday Gift Guide last Christmas. Thank you!
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