Cavalliera Founder Story - Meet Viktoria


The unique fragrance of elegance

If you want to go behind the scenes and take a closer look at the brand’s core values, meet the founder, Viktoria and her team first. Ms. Alekszi is the CEO of the Cavalliera International Company. The now world widely known company started as a small start-up in less than 10 years ago and worked its way up to be a fashion ruler. The brand raised style to another level and redefined the equestrian outlook.

The Cavalliera Story
The beginning:

As a professional show jumper and dressage rider, Viktoria’s whole life was determined by her riding career. As being a competitive equestrian, she was not compromised by just winning the prizes, she wanted to look the best and most unique in the ring as well. She decided to take the extra mile and started designing jackets that would fit her world of perfectionism, asking a small sewing salon to sew the prototypes. Her passion turned into her profession when Viktoria’s friends, team mates, even her competitors and unknown female riders started ordering jackets from her. “

Taking her new job seriously she started to build a team, gather professional group of people that she can conquer the market with. Along with her designing troop she decided to widen the brand’s product line with show shirts, casual rider shirts and a custom made fashion line. Cavalliera quickly become the ambassador of elegance and attractive femininity in the Hungarian equestrian life. Now Cavalliera manufactures and sells its own collection in over 40 countries across the globe, as well as designs and manufactures garments for other top brands including the world market leader company.

What were the ingredients for success that took Cavalliera this far? One devoted team with innovative ideas, big dreams, great amount of quality work and sacrifices.

Women want to represent elegance and femininity in all situations, regardless their age, job or economical background. That is why Cavalliera provides vivid and feminine equestrian clothing for a price that you will appreciate and quality that you will love.

It’s time to join our family and be the best version of you.

Welcome yourself to the difference!

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