Terms and conditions

Ex Works

"Ex works" means that the Seller fulfils its obligation to deliver when it has made the goods available at its Warehouse to the Buyer. In particular, the Seller is not responsible for loading the Goods on the vehicle provided by the Buyer or for clearing the Goods for export, unless otherwise agreed. The Buyer bears all costs and risks involved in taking the Goods from the seller's premises to the desired destination (including customs and shipping costs).

Invoice and other Documentations

The Seller must send the commercial invoice or its equivalent electronic invoice to the Buyer. If any export documents or other Hungarian official authorization is necessary the Seller can provide it, if requested.


The price of the Goods is based on the prices quoted in Cavalliera Online Retailer Account which is available on www.cavalliera.com through retailer account or in Cavalliera’s PDF product catalog for retailers. All stated prices are exclusive of any taxes, fees, duties, and levies. (Ex Works)

Payment, Taxes

Buyer shall pay all invoiced amounts within eight (8) days following the date of Seller’s invoice but in any case before dispatching. Unpaid amounts shall accure interest at a rate equal to the lesser of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month and the maximum rate permitted by applicable law, from due date until paid, plus Seller’s reasonable costs of collection. Seller reserves all other rights granted to a seller under the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) for Buyer’s failure to pay for the Goods or any other breach by Buyer of these Terms.

Delivery, Shipping

Seller will deliver the Goods within a reasonable time after receiving Buyer’s purchase order, subject to their availability. Seller shall not be liable for any delays, loss, or damage in transit. Seller shall deliver the Goods, EX WORKS at the location: Keled út 3. Budapest, 1031, Hungary using Seller’s standard methods for packaging and shipping.

Seller shall not be liable for any non-delivery of the Goods to the Delivery Location, unless Buyer gives written notice to Seller of such non-delivery within five (5) days following the date that Buyer would, in the ordinary course of business, have received the Goods. Seller’s liability for any non-delivery of the Goods shall be limited to replacing the Goods within a reasonable time or adjusting the invoice respecting such Goods to reflect the actual quantity delivered.


Seller warrants to Buyer, for a period of six (6) months following the date of delivery to the Delivery Location (the “Warranty Period”), that the Goods will be free from defects in material and workmanship. If, prior to the expiration of the Warranty Period, Buyer informs Seller in writing of any breach of this limited warranty, then Seller may repair or replace the Goods.

The foregoing limited warranties do not apply to any defect in Goods not manufactured by Seller; and any Goods manufactured according to Buyer’s specifications.

No License

The sale of the Goods shall not confer upon Buyer any license, express or implied, under any patents, trademarks, trade names, or other proprietary rights owned or controlled by Seller.

Ordering process - CORA system

Join to Cavalliera’s official Online Retailer sales management system on www.cavalliera.com and manage your order by yourself!

Cavalliera Online Retailer Account system features include:
  • complete order method

  • delivery management

  • check order status

  • all information about shipment status

  • return eligible items

  • edit delivery or billing information

  • print a pro forma invoice

  • check your previous orders and all information

  • your personal order history

For individual retailer access and retailer UI please contact:
+36 70 591 9009


CAVALLIERA INTERNATIONAL KFT. as Webshop operator and as store hoster
H-1162 Budapest, Kendermag u. 3. as registred office
01-09-183863 as registration number
Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága (Capital Tribunal Court) as registration authority
01-09-909548 as tax number
+36 70 531 9009 as info line
info@cavalliera.com as email



Payment can be made by any methods which are clearly placed on the Website. To help ensure that your shopping experience is safe, simple, and secure, our Webshop uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorize payment to the Webshop we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.

All credit/debit card transactions on this site are processed using a secure online payment gateway that encrypts your card details in a secure host environment.

You can choose between various payment methods.


Les cartes bancaires suivantes sont acceptées sur notre boutique en ligne:

  • MasterCard (en relief)

  • Visa (en relief)

  • American Express (en relief)

  • VISA Electron (pas en relief)

  • Maestro (pas en relief)

En cliquant sur le bouton 'Confirmer le paiement' sur le site récapitulatif du panier, vous serez redirigé vers la page de paiement d'OTP Bank.

Je reconnais que les données personnelles suivantes stockées dans le compte utilisateur de CAVALLIERA INTERNATIONAL KFT (H-1162 Budapest, Kendermag u. 3.) dans la base de données utilisateur de https://cavalliera.com seront transmises à OTP Mobil Ltd et est processeur de données de confiance.

Les données transférées par le responsable du traitement sont les suivantes:

  • Nom

  • Numéro de téléphone

  • Ref de commande

  • Adresse de livraison

  • Adresse de facturation

  • Liste des articles commandés

La nature et le but de l'activité de traitement des données effectuée par le sous-traitant dans la politique de confidentialité de SimplePay peuvent être consultés sur le lien suivant: http://simplepay.hu/vasarlo-aff

Les paiements par carte en ligne peuvent également être exécutés avec Barion. Les données de la carte ne seront pas transmises au commerçant. Le prestataire de services Barion Payment Zrt. est placé sous la surveillance de la Banque nationale hongroise, numéro de licence : H-EN-I-1064/2013


If you choose this method, please transfer the money to one of our accounts according to the followings:

  • In case of HUF or USD payment, the bank account number is:
    11708001-20574822 OTP Bank

  • In case of EUR payment, the bank account number is:
    11763134-18843880 OTP Bank

After clicking on ’Confirm payment’ button, we willl send you an email that contains all the necessary information. We kindly ask you to start the bank transfer within 48 hours, otherwise your order will be deleted automatically.


To pay via PayPal, select this payment method and click on 'Confirm payment'. You will then be redirected to the PayPal website to proceed with the payment.


In case of Hungarian delivery address only


FABRIQUE DANS L’UE Nous fabriquons la majorité de nos produits en Hongrie ( Made in EU) . Certains articles sont importés de pays tiers : Inde, Turqui, Maroc ; Bangladesh , Chine. Ces produits sont : 500-110140, 600-109140, 182-310511, 182-10351, 600-110140, 120-110140, 500-201131, 600-103151, 800-102110, 520-106132, 520-206131, 100-117150


Kedvezményezett neve: Cavalliera International Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Projekt címe: Cavalliera Kft. piaci megjelenésének támogatása 2016
A szerződött támogatás összege: 2.000.000 FT
A támogatás mértéke (%-ban): 50%
A projekt tartalmának bemutatása: A Cavalliera International Kft. támogatása az Ausztriában és Németországban megrendezésre került szakmai kiállításokra való kijutás érdekében.
Projekt azonosító száma: VEKOP-1.3.1-16-2016-00070
Támogatói döntés dátuma: 2017.06.15.
Szerződés hatályba lépése: 2017.06.19.
Fizikai befejezési határidő (hatályos TSZ szerinti): 2017.03.06.
Fizikai befejezési határidő TÉNYLEGES (jelenleg reálisnak ítélt tervezett fizikai befejezési dátum): 2017.03.06.
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